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Welcome to the heart of Pencil Stubs Online!

Pencil Stubs Online is the evolved result of a retired editors hobby and dream publication.  A.G. Adair created Hobbie$ Etc., a tabloid style monthly paper which featured stories and articles from amateur authors, as well as a few professionals.  A high quality publication which was both fun to read and provided an excellent opportunity for aspiring writers.

After his passing, his wife, Mary, kept his dream alive, and through her contacts on the internet was able discover more great authors.  Unfortunately, the cost of publishing Hobbie$ Etc. eventually began to exceed the the income it produced.

That's why, with her help, I created Pencil Stubs Online.  A new medium, new staff, and new audience, combined with my fledgling efforts as a web designer under the name of Awen Web Design.  I am proud to present to you the efforts of a great many talented people for your enjoyment.  As you read through the issues, I hope you will become as inspired as we have, and perhaps even contribute to our publication with your own work.  Everyone who contributes does so on a voluntary basis.  Even myself and Mary have not benefited financially from this publication, although a few generous donations have helped to keep this dream alive.

Now, I proudly present to you, our magazine!  Please follow the link below.



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