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Thank you for your interest in submitting to our publication.

NOTE:  Anyone submitting material for publishing consideration is now required to maintain an account with us with some basic information.  If you have previously been published by us, we already have an account set up for you, you need only identify yourself and set up your username and password.  If you see a link on the sidebar below our logo image that says "Sign In", click on it to sign in.  If your username and password has not yet been set once you have identified yourself with an email address you will be able to set that up as well as the rest of the details pertaining to your account.

Our rules are pretty simple, keep it tasteful, clean, and original.  All published submissions are copyrighted by AMEA Publications in the name of the author, who retains all rights to the material.  What this means is that we will copyright your submission if we publish it, but you will still own it, and all copyrights to it.

NOTE:  We cannot prevent anyone from taking your material off our site and selling it for their personal profit or claim.  If you submit extensive material, which appears to be something which may be of significant value in hard copy, we may suggest that you approach that avenue first.  It is our goal to help authors, both the veteran, and first time writers show their work, but at the same time we do not wish to take advantage of, or allow their material to be stolen.  You submit your material for publication on this site at your own risk.  We are not responsible for the actions of others.

If you have any further questions about submitting to Pencil Stubs, please direct them to, our editor.

If you are currently signed in, you will see a "Submit" link below.  If not you will need to sign in before you can make a submission.

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