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Pencil Stubs started out as an online magazine, (e-zine) publishing the works freely submitted by anyone willing to do so whose submissions met our broad guidelines.  A great deal for amateur authors and poets to share their work and creativity, as well as some exceptional reading and entertainment.

Today, we are much more.  Now you can write on our "Wall", visit our interactive story department where everyone can join in and help write an adventure as well as our "Serialized Stories" where we release a chapter or two each month, from several different books and authors.

Another department is "A Novel Idea" where we publish excerpts and press releases of new books, complete with links to help you purchase the book if it suits your fancy.  You can also search or see the latest bestsellers at, a portion of your purchase returns to Pencil Stubs and helps keep us going.

Our magazine is released once a month, usually within the first week of each month.  You can subscribe to our new issue notification, and we will email you when each issue is released.  Only users who are signed in may subscribe.  Details on submission guidelines can be found by following the "Submit" link and we will be more than happy to personally answer any of your questions via email.

Thanks for dropping by, we hope you will find your visit as rewarding and fun filled as we do providing it to you free of charge.


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