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     Name: Stan HullinskiEmail: 
     Scribble: I am a new visitor and reader of your ezine. I have also taken the time to visit your magazines archives and I must say I really enjoy reading your publication. I feel more people should become aware of your online magazine but the sad truth is people do not know it is available for their enjoyment. I have particularly enjoyed reading the stories that have been submitted by such talented writers. Keep them coming with the utmost appreciation.
     Name: Shannon WadfordEmail: 
     Scribble: Grandma Adair. I loved BOTH issues#comma# June and July#apos#s. This ezine has some of the best authors and columnists! Love you lots! 07/01/2006
     Name: Greg HEmail: 
     Scribble: I must confess to some frustration at finding the August #apos#05 Point of View without a Reader Comment block. I#apos#m becoming increasingly disturbed by suggestions that we should draw general conclusions about Moslems based upon the actions of those extremists and terrorists who label themselves as such. This would be much the same as drawing general conclusions about Christians based upon the beliefs and actions of extremist groups such as the Church of Jesus Christ Christian#comma# Aryan Nations#comma# etc#comma# who label themselves as Christian. There#apos#s very real danger in not keeping a tight clear focus on exactly who and what the enemy is#comma# and in not proclaiming clearly and frequently who the enemy ISN#apos#T. Please note this comment IS NOT intended as a criticism of the author#comma# whose commentaries I find both lucid and throught provoking.
     Name: DebiEmail:
     Scribble: If things are too hard to lift your head and rejoice#comma# bow it and seek the manufacturer.
     Name: Kathy BriceEmail: kathy
     Scribble: You#apos#ve done it again#comma# Mom!!! What a great issue.
     Name: Bud LemireEmail:
     Scribble: Mary#comma# I too want to thank you for posting my poetry here for the world to see. I appreciate all the postings and am honored to be a part of it. Thanks. ~Bud~
     Name: SusanDEmail:
     Scribble: Just a quick note to thank Mary particularly and all of you for your wonderful comments on my photograph, 'Imagination.' This is a wonderful website and a great vehicle for writers!
     Name: Ronald Kevin Dean JrEmail:
     Scribble: I just would like to ask that someone please read my entries, I have never got feedback or Adivce Etc. from anyone and just would like to see hear some opinions. Thansks Everyone,
     Name: Mary E.AdairEmail:
     Scribble: Good for you, Ms Bailey! We are happy to publish your writings! It is not so very long ago that we received comments from the "Popular" magazines because we were mere females not male writers... and we are not likely to forget those words. For Dr. Sam Vaknin, it's a shame you prefer no comments because I would like to complement your series of info on the Christian/Islamic history that you have in the last few months added to our knowledge. Thanks
     Name: Noreene M.BaileyEmail:
     Scribble: Yesterday another author told me not to give my work away publishing on free e zines and lit mags. Well writing for me is more then just a job and a pay check. It is the opportunity to share the wonderful musings of my mind. If all my writing were for money im not sure that what I wrote would be that wonderful to publish! I am content to share some of my prose while working on other payed writing projects as well. Having a venue to be heard makes for a very happy writer.


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