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The Search for Jack London

Man Claims to be Incarnation of Jack London

Poulsbo, Washington—

A storm is brewing in literary circles following the publication of The Search for Jack London, by Jerome Lofgren.

Not since the story of Bridie Murphy has there been such a compelling and provoking recollection of a past-life experience. Through a series of past-life regressions and spontaneous visions, Mr. Lofgren recalled his former existence as one of America's greatest writers - Jack London. His recollections provide previously unknown clues to the mystery of Jack London's life and tragic death and his love affair with Charmian Kittredge.

Jack London (1876 - 1916) continues to be the most popular and most read of America's authors even eighty-three years after his death. Most Americans don't realize that Jack London is hugely popular throughout the world and yet few of his books are found in American bookstores today.

Over twenty biographies have been written yet the elusive Jack London, the man, has remained an enigma - until now. Thanks to Mr. Lofgren we now know that the steadying hand on the wheel of Jack's ship was his second wife whom he met in 1903. Their passionate love story has gone untold for nearly eighty-three years - and apparently is now being told by the only man who knows - Jack London himself!

About The Search for Jack London, Russ Kingman, the leading Jack London scholar, wrote: "You have succeeded in capturing Jack and Charmian with the touch of the master. I have nothing but praise for everything you have done. You completely caught their love as no one has caught it before and it is wonderful. You made Jack and Charmian real people, and even the most critical critic will be unable to accuse you of putting halos on their heads. They come out as humans in love. And that was the way it was."

Not everyone agrees and scholars are lining up on both sides of the argument - defending Mr. Lofgren or vilifying him as a "spiritual charlatan of the worst sort". Whether one believes the incarnation theory or not, Mr. Lofgren's own search for Jack London is as compelling as Jack London's story itself.

The Search for Jack London is available in electronic format from which can easily be clicked on the sidebar banner for Amazon. Once in Amazon, you can search the tab for books, then enter the author's name Jerome Lofgren, which will yield info on six of his books, with this one also on CD Rom, as co-authored by Aliske Webb. Another source is through Barnes and Nobles.

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(Telephone 604-850-1246)
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