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By David H Schleicher

Price: $12.95
Format: Paperback
Size: 6 x 9
Pages: 170
ISBN: 0-595-21627-7
Publication Date: Jan-2002

Official website:† http://www.

Available at Starting March 1, 2002, it will also be available for purchase through, and

A true page-turner, not only because of its slim 170 pages, but also thanks to itís refreshing and blunt, non-nonsense narrative style. Crematorium could easily be burned though to the heart-pounding end in one night, but could cause subsequent sleepless nights because it will be weeks before one fathoms all that has been digested.

Remember that they ate my voice and put in warm beauty that here rose on dark water.

...The haunting first line of a novel...

--a crime novel/suspense thriller...A riddle from a ghost in a dream...Paul Schrall's dream.

Have you ever had a dream that you just couldn't get out of your head? Have you ever seen true evil? Have you ever expereinced true love? Do you believe you have lived before? Do you know what it means to kill? Would you do anything for fame? Do you believe in fate? Do you seek revenge? Do you fear vengeance taken out upon you?

The era is the mid 1990's. The place is Los Angeles. Ezekial Detmer is the nation's most notorius serial killer, but he may have taken his last victim in seven year-old Tyler Fauston. Who will catch the killer first? Will it be Paul Schrall, the young author working on a book chronicling Ezekial Detmer's reign of terror while trying to do battle with his own ghosts and reoccurring nightmares? Will it be LA Homicide Detective Cassius Ramirez, who heads up the Tyler Fauston murder investigation when not drowning himself in alcohol? Will it be Special Federal Agent Jameson Clark, who has been tracking Ezekial Detmer for years while living in fear of his own past catching up with him? Will it be Claudia Fauston, the beyond consolable mother of Ezekial Detmer's last victim, searching for her own brand of justice and trying to avoid her own curse? Or will it be the seductive and manipulative young reporter, Millicent Caviatalli, who will stop at nothing to become famous?

Along the way themes of revenge, fate, the role of religion, and the meaning of justice are explored. Told initially in first person by Paul Schrall, the novel adopts a roving narrator who sometimes appears to be omniscient and sometimes can only see into the mind of one character at a time. The novel challenges readers to throw away everything they think they know about the traditional mystery/suspense/detective novel while its many plot twists and interwoven story lines attempt to turn all of the genre's cliches on their heads. In the end, a series of previously unrelated topics will be inextricably linked in the minds of the reader: The 1980ís all female pop band, the Bangles; the Holocaust of the Jews; serial killers; and baseball.

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