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By Diane Lynch

Truth, what is it? Where do you find it? Isn't it different for everyone?

When I decided to write about truth, I was thinking of spiritual truth, of inner knowing and now I find myself looking at that inner mirror of lies and deception, of "spiritual sickness;" of how often that sickness fools us into thinking one thing when it's really something else, and how the mind goes one way when the soul is trying to take us somewhere else.

One of the most wonderful people I know said to me yesterday, "What are you going to do when I'm gone? I'm reluctant to do this for you anymore." Implying, "You already know your truth. You've come so far -screaming, fighting, and kicking the whole way, but traveling nonetheless-and you don't need me to do this for you." More truth.

He told me that I cannot travel in two directions at once, towards fear and away from it at the same time. That any of us can only travel in one direction; we either move toward something or away. More truth.

Then I got to thinking: What IS truth? I've been on this journey for 43 years now, though only "seeking" for about 15 years. Then I think…seeking what? And finally it hit me. MY TRUTH! Isn't that what we ALL seek? Hmm, maybe not. Maybe some seek THEIR truth. Maybe some seek spiritual enlightenment, some seek serenity, some seek guidance, some seek just for the sake of seeking. But in reality, isn't that each of our own Truths?

Who am I to say that another's truth is wrong or that "you're not searching the correct way, you have to go down this path to find truth." Some people do this with religion,-"this religion or that religion is the RIGHT religion"-but how do we know which is correct for one another? Don't we all have to CHOOSE our own truth, even in religion?

Today, many people try to tell us our truth in politics, war, social issues, etc. But how can we KNOW what is someone else's truth? How can we, as Americans, KNOW what is right for another country? It's impossible. The only way to find truth is to go within, or is it? I shall rephrase. The only way for ME to find MY truth is to go within. How YOU find YOUR truth well, no one can say that but you.

Some search for truth in books. Some write. Some look to a higher power. Some find it in music. Some look to the past; some, to the future. Some go to friends always asking questions "who, what, where, when, WHY?" (Oh that lovely question WHY? Don't you just love that beautiful word?) Why is the sky blue? Have you ever wondered if the blue you see is the same blue I see? Is your truth my truth? Very doubtful! But then, why do so many people, in writing books on spirituality, seem to run their ideas fairly closely along the same lines, just with a few personal opinions here and there? Does that mean that somewhere there really is a REAL truth, and we just need to tap into it?

Then there are those whose spirituality is VERY different from others. What about THEIR truth? Where does it end? And for that matter, where was the beginning? Maybe if I knew the beginning, finding my truth wouldn't be so difficult. Maybe I already know my truth and just don't know it. Ahhhh KNOW IT!!! Maybe THAT is the key. Maybe I need to KNOW my own truth. Imagine the concept.

Diane Lynch

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Reader Comments

Name: Michelle Email:
Comment: very well put Diane I would like to say this piece of writing hits the nail on the head! Ive given up on "searching for the truth". This piece has respect for everyone because we all have our own "truth" . I have learnt on my travels that everyone wants you to listen to there "truth". With this piece and you Diane it amazes me that someone has actually put it in writing an respected other people to finally say we all have our own "Truth" . This article illustrates wisdom and integrety and a great deal of thought and compassion to others , especially when you think of all those poor people out there ( inc me at some point in my life) Who takes on board everyon elses truth , and forgets the truth they already own. God Bless Love Michelle xxxx P.S when you find out tell me LOL hee he hee * Just Kidding* Quote: we all have purpose and bieng I think this links largely to the truth .



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