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To My Mum

By Mark Crocker

What words can I say to thank you.
You gave me life.
You gave me love.
You gave me hope.
When I fell down you picked me up.
When I was sick you made me better.
When I was naughty you told me what was right.
When I was sad you made me laugh.
What words can I say as thanks.
When I was hungry you gave me food.
When I was tired you gave me a place to sleep.
When I was lonely you were there for me.
You helped me when I needed help.
You pushed me when I needed a push.
You told me to wake up and do something with my life.
What words can I say as thanks.
When I needed a bath you told me so.
When I did stupid things you let me know.
When I hurt others you told me so.
All I am you made me so.
All I do you taught me.
All I say you told me so.
What words can I say as thanks.
The words below seem too little to say thanks.
Mum I love you.

©May2006 Mark Crocker  

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