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Brother Rabbit and Brother Cat

By Mark Crocker

Part One

Sitting under a tree in grass so tall
Eyes that watch all, seeing everything
Watching all that moves, everything is seen
Hidden in plain sight so none can see
A coat of fur that blends in with all around
Ears sharp and pointed that hear all
Listening to every sound that is to be heard
Sleek and fit watching and waiting
Watching and waiting laying so still

Long ears with long legs and a white cotton tail
Bouncing, hopping along unknowing of what awaits
Fat and fit on carrot tops, so well fed
Stopping and listening with ears so very long
Hopping and bouncing on powerful legs
Furs glistening as each bounce shows how fit
Nose sniffing the air seeking what danger there is
A hop a jump a gentle bounce seeking fresh carrot tops
Sleek and fit unaware of what is ahead

Sharp pointed ears picking up the sound of gentle hops
Muscle tighten and now the hunter hunches
Watching waiting as long ears hops closer
Eyes watching seeing only what comes near
Listening to each beat as long ears comes near
Powerful legs move ready to leap
Tensing ready to leap when long ears is in reach
Claws unsheathe ready for that leap
Licking lips at the thought of food so near

Long ears thinking of carrot tops hops closer to the tree
Stopping listening and then hopping closer still
Ears oh so very long scan and listen hearing only bees
Without warning a sound is heard
All is still as if a breath is held
Not a sound is to be heard all is still and waiting
Again a sound is heard and long ears stands so still
Without warning out it leaps “Good morning brother rabbit”
“Good morning brother cat"
Again the sound is heard “Here kitty kitty kitty” and off goes the cat

Part Two

Long ears sitting in the carrot patch.
Sitting tall on hind legs watching all.
Munching and crunching on carrots.
Nose twitching and sniffing sensing all.
Munching and crunching enjoying his fill.
Long ears standing so proud and tall

Sharp ears in laying in a sun spot
Feeling warm and relaxed
Seeming as if a sleep sharp ears seems so relaxed
Fur sleek and warm giving of a happy glow
Warm and safe hidden from all
Sharp ears lets the world think he is a fool

Long ears spotting lettuce hops and lops to eat some more
Yet never quite relaxed munching and crunching
Eyes watching and seeing all never still looking for what is near
Ears scanning and listening to all hearing the gentle snores from sharp ears
Powerful legs ever ready to leap away at speed if danger comes near
Yet eating and munching and crunching getting his fill.

Sharp ears though half lidded eyes watches all
Seeming as if deep asleep, letting the world think him a fool
Yet that is not what he is at
Watching and seeing more than the world would think
Sharp ears waiting while being relaxed
Powerful legs ready to leap yet looking very relaxed

Long ears has had his fill and of he hops
Under the small garden fence and off down the path
Hopping and lopping feeling so safe
Down the path past the grass knowing that sharp ears is relaxed
Stopping here and there sniffing the air
Lopping and hopping feeling happy on his fill

Sharp ears hears the slow gentle hops
Slowly stretching and getting to his padded paws
With stealth on padded paws following behind long ears
Watching with clever eyes seeing all and knowing more
Crouching low and with stealthy steps ready for what is ahead
With speed and stealth hugging the ground moving fast

Long ears hops and lops not knowing what is ahead.
Happy on his fill of lettuce and carrots
Feeling safe and relaxed as sharp ears is near at hand.
Hearing soft padded paws knowing what is behind
Stopping and listening feeling safe not knowing what is ahead
Not sniffing as sharp ears is behind forgetting what is ahead

Just past a tree a lighting blur knocks long ears to the ground.
A sudden bounce and fur flies as long ears in shock watches
Sharp ears hisses and spits
Razor claws unsheathed, sharp pointed teeth biting deep
Bodies roll and fight as fear fills long ears
A sudden yelp and Fox runs in pain

Long ears hops slowly to his feet
Lopping and hopping in panic heat
Looking at sharp ears and seeing wounds
Licking and cleaning all the hurt.
Hopping and lopping and padded paws walking
Brother cat and brother rabbit once again are safe.

©2005 Mark Crocker

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