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The Demon Possessed Car

By Mark Crocker

I have come to the conclusion that my car is demonically possessed. The reason has to do with a number of very strange incidents that have happened over the past few weeks.

The most recent involves the heater fan in my car.

Sometime late last summer the heater fan in my car started to make some odd and strange noises. They sound like a moan mixed with a high pitch whine with a squeal thrown in for good measure.

Then one bright and sunny afternoon as I was out for a drive the heater fan just stopped working. At the time it was not a problem other than the fact that winter was about 3 or 4 months away.

I went to a local mechanic and after popping the hood of my car and looking under it for a while made the all time statement. "It's dead". I thought to myself "Tell me something I don't know". I may even have made the comment out aloud.

The mechanic informed me that he could replace the fan motor and he would also have to replace the sensor as that too was more than likely dead as well.

I asked hoping that it would not cost too much but it seems that the motor would cost about $70 and the senor about the same. Labor would cost be about $40 per hour and it would take about 2 or 3 hours maybe even more as the whole dash would have to be removed. So I was looking at about $180 to $220 to have the heater fixed.

Well I thought to myself "It can't be that hard" so I went home and pulled the heater motor out of my car. I drove over to a friends house (the very same one that gave me advice about my front brakes when I was changing them).

He took one look at the motor and put it on his work bench and told me to get him a cup of coffee from his house.

I returned about 2 minutes later and was informed that the motor was fine other than in need of a good clean.

In fact the motor was sitting on the work bench hooked up to something and running very nicely on its own.

We then went to my car and again my friend hooked up the sensor to something (maybe an amp meter) and I was informed that it too was fine. I was informed that if I ran couple of wires from one place to another and if I did this as well as that it would work but it would only run on high. (Fine by me. I only use the fan on hot days and very cold days).

Well one afternoon of hot sweaty work and some cut's and nicks to my fingers I had done what I was told. But sadly it did not work. So with a heavy heart I said goodbye to having a heater fan in my car.

Well winter arrived and as normal it got cold. One afternoon as I was picking up my mail I noticed the flyer sitting on the counter top. It was from a company called Harbor Freight. Right on the cover was an ad for a small heater that works of the cigarette light plug.

Well I ordered one and about a week later it arrived. I plugged it in and while it did not heat like I wanted it did defrost the window of my car.

The year ended and spring came followed by summer. Which brings us up to last week: It was last week when I stopped by a local liquor shop. I parked my car out front and switched off the engine. Upon my return I started up the engine and what did I hear. That same horrible sound that my heater fan use to make. And to make matters worse my fan was working.

I sat there for a moment in stunned shock. The sound stopped and the heater fan kept running. In fact it ran better than it had ever done. "WONDERFUL" I said to myself.

I drove straight over to my friend's house and leaped out of my car. I informed him that the heater fan was working.

Well we went back out to the car and I started it back up and the fan motor did nothing. It did not even let out a chirp let alone blow air.

My friend gave that look that he often gives me when I make an off the wall comment. The look is a cross between you are "nuts" and "you poor deluded fool".

Well after talking about why my fan motor suddenly started working again and why it stopped again. I departed to drive home.

Well about half a mile down the road my heater fan came back to life. But since then it has not worked. It did this morning make a chirp sound but other than that there has been no sigh of life from my heater motor.

The question that is on my mind is what happens if I fix the heater fan. What will the demon that is living in my car possess next?

Will my radio start speaking in tongues or will my CB radio start to pick up transmissions from the dark reaches of the netherworld?

What will happen next to my car?

Only the shadow knows.

8/19/2006 3:43:00 AM Mark Crocker

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Name: Megan Email: Unlisted
Comment: My mom#apos#s car was worse! It was having these problems like#comma# it was having problems turning on and her oil light kept flashing although it didn#apos#t need any so she had to take it in to get it fixed. $500 later#comma# it starts making this burning smell every now and then and a bit of smoke would rise from it. She went to get it fixed. It only got worse. Then#comma# recently#comma# $1200 later#comma# she was driving and her emergency brake light was on although it was off. So she pulls over to discover that she can#apos#t put it in park! Or reverse! It would make this screeching noise each time she tried. She then tried to turn it off but it wouldn#apos#t turn on! So she had to drive around aimlessly until she called her dad. She drove to his house#comma# pulled over#comma# opened the hood and her dad had to pull out some stuff to make it stop. Now#comma# it#apos#s dead. So don#apos#t feel alone in the #quot#Demon Possessed Car#quot# department. At least you still got a car!



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