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Three Bright Stars

By Carrie E. Joslin

The stars are shining so brightly tonight,

    Three separate ones shine with a brilliant light
      Shining thru’ darkness their light to show,
        They remind me of three sweet girls I know.
          They shine thru’ my window and beacon me,
            And I call them, “Jacquelyn, Mary and Noralee.
Jacquelyn is a small bright, glittering star,
    Never still but sparkles like a crystal bar.
      This small star is shining with all of its might,
        Casting a radiance over the night.
          There are so many stars dear, but none like you,
            That shine in all of the beautiful blue.
As I watch this small star, and it shines down on me,
    My own darling Jacquelyn so plainly I see.
      Then, I turn my eyes from this small bright star,
        To another so near and yet so far.
          A star that shines with radiant light,
            Sending out rays through the darkest night.
This star is Mary--so sweet and mild,
    My precious, my Darling, my first grandchild
      I gaze and gaze on this beautiful star,
        It seems so near and yet is so far.
          This star , like Mary, hides its thoughts from me,
            Only those beautiful eyes I see.
From these two bright stars I turn to see
    A gay happy star laughing and winking at me.
      This star is Noralee, so coy and wise,
        Laughing and dancing and rolling those eyes.
          A changeable star, yet it whispers low,
            To say it will love me where ever I go.
And, I smile as I look at you beautiful star,
    Shining like Noralee where ever you are.
      The world is made up of darkness and light,
        God made the day and God made the night.
          He made every thing in this beautiful world,
            Each bright shining star, and each precious girl.
Those three special stars that shine in the blue,
    Those three sweet girls so good and true.
      I will bid you all a fond good night,
        For I may not see you in the morning light.

      © circa 1944 Carrie E. Joslin  

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