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Please Write, Lena May

By Carrie E. Joslin

I know you are busy, darling, as busy as can be;
But remember you promised to write, dear
As soon as you heard from me.
Iíve written you some cards, dear,
Yes and a letter too--
Iím so anxious to hear from you dear,
That I hardly know what to do.
Iím enclosing a stamped envelope
And a sheet of paper, too.
So, please, sit down and write me,
The very first thing that you do!
I do hope you are not ill, dear.
And, I pray that you are not dead!
And, yet if youíre all right dear,
You havenít done what you said.
Iíve worried so much about you, dear,
For I love you so much, you see.
That even a post card from you, dear
Would mean so much to me!!
Maryís letter was precious to me--
And Neeís was just as dear!!
But please! Canít you or Jack, one
Write us a line or so soon?
For we are so anxious to hear!

©circa 1947 Carrie E. Joslin  

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