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I Like Texas

By Carrie E. Joslin

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         (Previously published in Hobbies, Etc., parent publication of Pencil Stubs Online.

I like the deep canyons in Texas

            I could gaze on their beauty for days;

I am charmed by the Pecos River

            That winds in so many ways.

I like the sand hills in Texas

            Where countless feet have trod;

Searching for Indian relics.

            That were buried by the hand of God.

I like the mountains in Texas

            As I climb, I look and look;

The scenery reminds me of pictures,

            I have seen in some wonderful book.

I like the oil wells in Texas

            Where millions in oil does flow;

And money from the Texas oil wells

            All over the world may go.

I like the grand highways in Texas

            They’re as good as ever were made;

You may travel for miles in the sunshine

            With never a stop in the shade.

I like the people in Texas

            I think they are simply grand;

They treat you like a brother

            And give you room to stand.

I like the whole state of Texas

            With all of its wonderful miles

But, it just can’t compare with Missouri

            The land of a million smiles.

©  March 26, 1946   Carrie E. Joslin


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Comment: I so loved this woman and had FAR too little time with her. Thanks, Mom, for sharing her poetry like this .....



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