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To My Daughter

By Mark Crocker

My little girl with the golden glow.
Your smile is so bright that it is a delight to behold
Sparkling eyes that dance with youthful life
Long hair as fine as new spun silk
Oh my little girl you are my everything
You are my reason to be
What you feel I willing share with you
When you are hurt my heart bleeds with your pain
When you dance in pure delight my heart sings
For I willing share your hurt and pain
You are my little girl always in my heart
For without you I would wilt away alone
Do not be upset that I worry and stress for you
For if I did not then I would not care so much
Yet I care with all my heart
Oh my proud and fair little girl
You are more to me than all the world
Beautiful beyond all that can compare
My sweet little girl I am blind to all your faults
For in my sight you are all that I care about
My little girl I love you with all my heart

©June 16, 2007 Mark Crocker

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