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Oh My Beautiful Lake Tahoe

By Mark Crocker

Green trees that surround all
So tall and beautiful
Green and bright with fragrance that is so fresh
The lake like a blue eye staring up into the sky
That early morning smell of pine that fills the air
The sound of spring that holds the heart
Words spoken by Mark Twain that speak so true
No fairer view can the earth afford he said and that is true
Tahoe’s moods change and beauty is still held
Winters' dreams in a poem I did write
Much power is held for me in Tahoe’s beauty
For it has made me write so many words
And in this sadness that now comes more with tears will flow
For in the pain that comes from fire, words of sadness fill my heart
For we did sow this doom by not letting Tahoe clean itself
Years have passed since Tahoe was let to clean itself
For the beauty we wished to keep
Years of under brush not let to burn
Years of pine cones left to rot
For the fuel that now burns piled deep.
Green were the tall trees Now turned to blackened stumps
A river of tears I weep, for this we made for ourselves,
Tahoe was not allowed to clean
For nature burns what is not needed
Yet let nature not do its job, and this is what happens
Oh beautiful Tahoe, how I weep at how we let you get so,
Your beautiful lake now filled with ash,
Your trees burnt to blackened stumps,
Homes that people lived in all year long,
Those that loved Tahoe as I do, now have none
Oh how I now weep for years will count out of my time
One day maybe when my daughter is old
Tahoe will be as it should have been
For years ago we sowed these seeds of doom
Now hope is that we will help do what nature should be left to do
Tears and pity fill my heart for this once beautiful place.
Oh my once beautiful Tahoe

©June 26, 2007 Mark Crocker

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Name: Jay Mansfield Email:
Comment: when urban "planning" forgets about natures laws.... Beautifully sad....



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