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Miss My Daughter

By Mark Crocker

You have only gone an hour and yet I miss you already
Your visit brought endless joy to my heart
Though you were sad my heart leaped with you
To have you home and to hear your sweet laugh
Just the sound of you in the next room brought sunlight to my day
Even when you were asleep just knowing you were near was all I needed
But now you are gone the house is so quiet
The lack of sound makes it seem all that more empty

Although I can smell your perfume I know that you are not here
Empty now is my house, no longer a home
Yet it is always home when you are here
And I will hold this, your visit, so dear
For if I close my eyes and listen hard you are still here
Oh my sweet darling daughter words cannot say the joy you brought
And when you come again it will once again be a home filled with love
But for now empty is my house

Alone I sit and think of you
With each thought I smile a little more
How you took care of me after my tooth was removed
How you made me lunch then dinner and made sure I was ok
The look on your face when you drank your wine
The smile and laugh followed by tears
Though you hide your heart with a mask
I could see the pain hide within your eyes

My sweet darling daughter you are always welcome to come home.

©Mark Crocker Saturday, September 08, 2007

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