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By Thomas F. O'Neill

Electro Magnetic Experiments and Neuro-Science

Over the past few months I have been reading more and more about a recent discovery in the area of Neuro-science. The discovery was aided in part by a totally different field of study known as Parapsychology.

The methodology that studies psychic or paranormal events is known as parapsychology but it is rarely taken seriously by mainstream science. Science educators at the California State Board of Education have called Parapsychology a pseudoscience in their academic standards literature. Mainstream scientists have also suggested that methodological flaws provide the best explanation for the parapsychologists’ experimental successes. To date, no evidence has been accepted by the scientific community as establishing the existence of paranormal phenomena. Many of today’s Parapsychologists have also admitted that they have difficulties in getting their research accepted for publication in scientific Journals.

On the other hand there are scientists who believe that the parapsychologists’ research in the area of electro magnetic energy will change the perception of mainstream science. That views the study of the paranormal or psychic events as mere quackery.

Most Parapsychologists believe that the reason we do not see electro magnetic energy fields around us is because electro magnetic energy bends light. This discovery has led to some new theories about the paranormal.

Some of today’s Parapsychologists are speculating on whether spiritual forms or spirit entities have an electro magnetic energy form. The theory that electro magnetic energy bends light particles rendering the energy fields’ invisible, to the human eye, is also open to debate. But many parapsychologists are also speculating on whether our thoughts and emotions consist of electro magnetic energy as well. They believe electro magnetic energy emanates from all living matter.

This is just a theory on their part a theory that is well out of the realm of mainstream science. That is why most science educators call parapsychology a pseudoscience.

Parapsychologists will argue that for thousands of years throughout every culture. People have claimed to have had experiences with spiritual energy without actually seeing these energy forms.

This electro magnetic energy theory is a fairly new theory but it is rarely taken seriously by hard core science. It is also just one explanation among many as to why the average person cannot see spirits. Another theory is that spiritual forms are on a higher vibration level that only highly intuitive people can sense and this explanation has also been around for centuries.

The discovery that electro magnetic energy bends light is also encouraging for the United States military. Some scientists believe that our military in the far distant future will be able to cloak un-manned air crafts. They will be cloaked with an electro magnetic energy field rendering the air crafts invisible to the human eye.

The only problem is in today’s world there is no known energy source that can generate the amount of electro magnetic energy needed to render a Lincoln penny invisible, let alone an un-manned air craft. That is why most mainstream scientists call this field of study quackery.

The electro magnetic energy theories are merely the inspiration of science fiction writers. But one can argue that much of yesteryears science fiction has become modern day realities. Such as submarines, flying machines, space crafts, and wireless phones. Before they became a reality they were the instruments within the imagination of the great science fiction writers. The great imaginative ideas of yesteryear are today’s common sense.

Albert Einstein once said, “My two greatest gifts are my ‘imagination’ and my ‘intuition.’” He relied on his imagination because it provided him with a means of explaining to others what he came to understand intuitively.

He also said in a humorous manner that some of his greatest discoveries came to him when he was enjoying long hot bubble baths. During those moments, he said, his mind was not concentrating on a problem at hand but rather enjoying a relaxing moment with his imagination. Those were the moments when truth spoke to him intuitively through flashes of knowing. That truth was within him, he simply turned to his imagination for a creative out lit so that he could explain to others what he implicitly understood.

Now you are probably asking yourself what does this have to do with Neuro-science. Well, the University of Virginia's Psychology Department has also been conducting electro magnetic energy experiments - on the human brain.

Their experiments consist of an electro magnetic energy pulse that is fired into areas of the brain that seem least active. The electro magnetic pulse causes the neurons in the brain cells to fire causing those areas in the brain to become more active.

The researchers are focusing primarily on those areas of the brain because they believe we are continually evolving as a human species. Our brains are a vital part of our human evolution. It sets us a part from the rest of the living species that inhabit our planet. The human brain provides us with our technological supremacy over the world in which we live. We are pushing ourselves forward. We are bettering ourselves with each successive generation. We are continuing to collectively evolve. That evolution is part of our intelligent design.

The evolutionary process is programmed into our genetic makeup but at the same time how we use our brains is directly influencing how our brains are evolving. We must use it or we will lose it so to speak. The researchers conducting these experiments believe those areas of the brain which seem the least active, will become more active, as the human race continues to evolve collectively. Through the electro magnetic experiments they are trying to wake the brain up so to speak, to catch a glimpse as to where the human brain is evolving to collectively over a very long period of time.

When the brain cells neurons within the research volunteers brains began to fire due to the electro magnetic pulse. The more dormant and the least active parts of their brains became more active. Some of their experiences can be described as mystical experiences, somewhat psychedelic in nature, like a 1960’s LSD trip.

Some of the other volunteer’s felt as if they were part of a greater whole. They felt connected as if they were not set apart from others or their surroundings. Others claimed they experienced other people’s, emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Some experienced sensations as if they could smell colors, taste sounds, feel spoken words. Some claimed to see energy vibrations around people. Those energy vibrations seemed brighter in some people than others.

The so called mystical experiences continued for a short period of time approximately a half hour after the experiments were conducted. Some of the volunteers claimed to see people quickly enter and exist the room as if they were not completely physical. One volunteer claimed to have had a conversation with her dead mother 20 minutes after the electro magnetic pulse was fired into her brain. One female along with a male volunteer claimed to have had a sexual climax during the experiment.

Some of the volunteers have scored higher on intelligent equivalency exams shortly after the experiments were conducted on them. They also have claimed to have had a heightened intuitive awareness.

These electro magnetic experiments at the University of Virginia’s Psychology Department are not Para-psychological proof that spirits exist. However, the experiments have led the researchers closer to understanding that the brain chemistry is a key to the mystical experience.

They still however have a long way to go in understanding the immense complexity of the human brain. They still do not entirely understand what centers of the brain caused the various experiences within the volunteers.

The brain experiments are continuously leading the researchers in understanding the mystical experience. Most of the volunteers came out of the experience convinced that they are not alone. They are more certain than ever, that they are intrinsically connected, internally linked, spiritually intertwined, to every living being in the universe.

Mainstream science will argue though that the 1960’s, Age of Aquarius movement, with their heavy use of the psychedelic drug LSD brought about similar experiences. They believe the electro magnetic experiments did nothing more than temporarily change the chemistry in the volunteers brains. The experiments caused the brain cells neurons to fire at a higher rate then normal.

The researchers, however, are more certain then ever that the electro magnetic experiments will help us connect to the spiritual side of our nature. Some scientists also believe that the brain experiments may lead to greater insights into the near death experience.

With Love,
Thomas F. O’Neill

(800) 272-6464

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