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Always The Same

By Mark Crocker

Walking about seeing the same old faces
They sit in the same old seats drinking the same old drinks
They just sit there talking about the same old things
Same old faces doing the same old things

Always the same never changing
At the same time last night, tonight and tomorrow
The same thing steady as the stars
Just the same old faces always the same

At the same time doing the same thing never changing
Always the same people with the same old life
Even a new face soon becomes the same as the others
They all are the same never changing staying the same

Every night is the same
Day by day week by week month by month
Just the same as yesterday and the day before that
Tomorrow will be the same with the same old faces

The minutes change but they stay the same
The hours pass by yet the faces stay the same
The days hurry by and yet the faces never change
Time passes by yet the faces stay the same

Always the same faces sitting in the same old seats
The faces doing the same old thing forever more
Drinking the same old drinks they did the night before
This is hell doomed to do the same old things forever more

©Monday, March 24, 2008 Mark W.D. Crocker
(published in Weblogs, 3/24/08, used with permission of author.)

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