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By Gerard Meister

Monckton Affair

By the time you read this Al Gore will have appeared (April 24, 2009) before the House Energy And Commerce Committee preaching his brand of Gospel on Global Warming to the choir headed by Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA). Initially, this was to be a debate between Gore and a leading critic of Gore’s dire predictions, Lord Christopher Monckton, a former policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher. Alas, upon landing in Washington Monckton was greeted by a messenger from Waxman’s committee, withdrawing its invitation to speak before Congress.

Too bad the debate didn’t happen, because it would have brought the world one step closer to the truth about the falsity of the shibboleths and nostrums of the religion – it’s a cult, really – of climate alarmism.

Clearly, we are not there yet, but the truth will ultimately prevail as it always does! Already some fifty-nine scientists from around the world have added their names to the tally of some 700-plus skeptical scientists now on the Senate Minority Report questioning Mr. Gore’s theories about the climate. And that, dear reader, is more than thirteen times the number of U.N. scientists who authored the media-hyped IPCC 2007 Summary for Policymakers. Many of the skeptical scientists are affiliated with noteworthy institutions (Princeton University as well as numerous others) plus NASA, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Defense Department.

Additionally, noted Professor Dr. Shigenon Maruyama of the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Department of Earth and Planetary sciences and many of his colleagues expressed skepticism over the IPCC’s fourth and latest assessment that any observed global temperature increases in the 20th century was due to “[a]anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrations.” Moreover at a recent (last year) symposium of the Japan Geoscience Union a poll of the participants showed that 90% did not believe the IPCC report.

I could go on ad infinitum, but suffice to say Al Gore best not look back because the truth is gaining on him. Magna est veritas, et praevalet (truth is great and it does prevail!)?

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