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Cookin' with Leo

By Leocthasme

This here is a Dessert for Christmas, or for that matter any celebration, whichever. And, of course the nice thing about it is that you can be doin' the heavy, like cookin' a turkey or two and all the fixin's that gotta go with it, and let all the little angels do this without sloppin' up the house too much. This is a no-brainer that even your kindergarteners can do and really think they are pitchin' right in there while they are bein' on their good behavior while waitin' for Santa Claus, whoever.

Hop out to the nearest super and get this

    A couple of boxes of Jell-O, red, green, or one of each.
    A cheap plain, un-iced that is, angel cake.
    A pint of whipping cream.

There you have it, started simple didn't it?

Hand it all over to the little angels and tell them to get busy. They can tear up the plain ol' cake into pieces and split up into two bowls.

Mix the Jell-O according to the directions. And cover the cake in each bowl with the liquid. Dig out a cake pan big enough to hold the two bowls of cake and juice.

And, when the Liquid is almost set, pour in the pan, one color on the bottom and the other on top, and let it set in the frig while you beat the whipping cream until it is able to stand on its own. Put the whole mess in the frig until you are ready to serve.

Spoon out a nice serving of the angel cake Jell-O and top it with a big splatter of whipped cream.

Now go clean up the kids, and if you want you can put on some finishing touches, top the desert with sliced peaches or bananas, whatever.

Ya'll have a real nice Christmas now, ya' heah!


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Reader Comments

Name: Joann Email:
Comment: Sounds yummy, Leo, will definitely give it a whirl, without kids help, please. Had enough kid's help to last a lifetime. Keep up the good work.



Name: Shannon Email:
Comment: Leo, trying to get in the sugar rush huh? LOL



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