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The Story of Mike and Stanley

By KentuckyMike

Back in the spring of 2001,
was a mon-u-mintus event !
A blind baby squirrel was dropped
in my arms, near death
I looked up to the heavens an' asked,
another mission lord !
So I took it in , and fixed it
a dropper of warm cream......
the baby gray , grabbed it,
an' right then i knew he would make it !

an' Stan the man is still with me,
an loved
I don't have the slightest doubt,
that the Creator,seen to it that I got him !
Yes, Stanley is still blind,
but he loves life..
and he shows that love everyday
We souls go thru this life..
an' do what we can where we can,
it's who we are !
People ask me,
how long can Stanley live,
love knows no time line,
it's endless.
There's a place in heaven,
called rainbow bridge,
I have a zoo..waiting for me !
Love never dies ..
an' neither do we ...

2009 Kentucky Mike


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