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On Trek

By Judith Kroll


We all have choices, and one of the biggest choices we face daily is what attitude will we carry with us throughout our day.

As the old saying goes, is the glass half full or half empty? To be positive is to be in charge of all that you are.

We can choose to be negative, but when we think about it, that is such a waste of good energy. Every single happening in our life is all good. Why do I say that? We can label some things bad, but in reality it is all good, because we can learn from each experience. We cannot change the course of a tornado but if we are caught in it we do the best we can, and we help all those that we can to get back up on their feet as well, sharing positives.

Why is it said that disasters help people bond? Disasters help people become even more loving and helpful, and people learn so many lessons from such disasters. Of What value are material things compared to lives?

Our attitude can help so many people .Try walking into a store with a bright beautiful big smile, and you will be rewarded with many smiles back. Everyone needs everyone. We are all connected.

Through experience, many people find those in terminal illness to be the most inspiring to us all. What do these lovely humans know and understand that we haven’t grasped yet? Their attitude tells it all. We all love being around positive people! Negative people are downers while positive people are uppers for our souls. When we see a rainbow in the sky, we smile and we think good thoughts. A beautiful rainbow truly inspires us.

As Maya Angelou says, "Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” We can lighten up or dampen our own selves by our own attitude. It works the same on other people as well. Let us try to continue to work on adjusting our own attitude daily.

One way we can do it is to become aware. Make a mental note when we say something negative. And replace it with a positive thought. If we continue catching ourselves, we will be able to stop being negative and then we become one step closer to bringing enlightenment to the world!

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