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It Was A Special Event

By Scott Chase

It was a special event. Akin to new years eve in times square or perhaps the Super Bowl. This was not a festive type of event though.Today it would draw the kind of morbid curiosity of a gruesome murder trial that splashes across the headlines.

This case would have an extraordinary twist. There would be no major crime and yet the accused would be put to death! The scant amount of evidence would be circumstantially suspect. The kangaroo court would of course be decidedly biased against the accused. The mob (public) fearful of the governing court would be incensed by an innocent plea. Testimony would conflict with the charges. A rush to judgement by a cold-hearted and skeptical populace. Hardened by the fear of change and doubt.

The decree of guilt a necessity...the mob is fueled with hatred and a Blatantly harsh indifference. The ghastly Parade ensues.

The mocking and contemptuous scorn escalates with each step. The ridicule burns deep into his flesh with each crack of the whip! The acidic bile of their words scald his ears. The rocks they throw at him give weight to the hatred that permeates the procession. He stumbles more than once under the burden.

Those that would summon the courage to help him are rare. To align yourself with him would invite ferocious public outrage and scorn in your direction. Even if you were right to show kindness and compassion. The unrelenting pressure of your peers would suffocate your desire to count yourself as one of his followers. Many a good men and women would be deterred or swayed from showing support for him.

The heat of the day is oppressive as are the jeers that assault and reverberate in his mind. Surely at some point, the thought would cross his mind if even for a brief moment...Why must he suffer so?

The answer...Love must prevail over hatred so intense!

Once more he falls and slowly rises to his feet, wearily trudges up the hill under the weight of his impending death. The crowd becomes rather quiet as the soldiers secure him to the instrument of his demise. Meant to humiliate him in a shameful position of severe pain and torturous helplessness. A cruel challenge to his belief and power.

A demonstration of brutal abuse of power by an arrogant bureaucracy. A glimpse of the irony behind the abject tyranny of a corrupt gov't. As well as the folly of man's own mind to remain in control. Resistant to yield to God's wisdom.

The reports of his miraculous deeds witnessed by literally thousands of people, belittled and scoffed at by a court not capable of comprehending. Dismissed as parlor tricks or attributed to demonic possession. Demons are real but god is False? The testimony that validates him is used to convict him!

Now the pinnacle of contempt! Meant for the people of those times as an example of the power of men over an idea not fully understood. Then, nor now.

The Crucifix presented to the people for the first time. A battered and weakened man. A crude crown of thorns pressed painfully onto his head hours ago.

The first thing Christ says on the cross is, "Father forgive them! For they know not what they have done."

Here we present the challenge! If you possess these powers than show us! Save yourself from this torment! Cheat death! Hours go is forgiven and saved. A relationship restored, an inheritance claimed! Even on his last day, in difficult times, not as helpless as they would like you to believe!

Mentally stressed and physically drained, unable to support himself his lungs tear away from the muscles. The pain steadily increases. The crowd grows impatient. Chants of "Kill him!" and "Save yourself!" The reaper rises from his evil lair and begins to stalk his prey. How easy would it be to give in to temptation and end the physical pain. However, mortal men have cheated death before. Only God can defeat it! In doing so, he elevates his promise of eternal life to Truth!

Under extreme social prejudice, with relatively few supporters, Christ demonstrates His Love in the form of Forgiveness. While we often think of Love as being rather soft, kind, compassionate and emotionally warm and comforting. Forgiveness is the Backbone of Love's many attributes! It is also the most difficult to display to others. As well as cultivate within ourselves. Yet, under the most hostile and malicious of conditions, Christ demonstrated the depth, power and proof of his merciful Love!

Often times when praying for the healing of others, unforgiveness is an obstacle. As a Christian, I know I am Far from being perfect! I am however, very thankful that God is still at work in my life! Perfecting his Love in me, so that I might be able to share it with others.

It is my hope that by bringing awareness to the power of Forgiveness, the Love of God will grow to a critical mass. Once again, prevailing over the hatred and indifference that seems to have erupted in the world today.

I pray that anyone who reads this article is moved by the compassion of God's Love! I pray and urge those people to forgive at least one person (all those) in their life! Releasing both/all parties involved of any ill will or wrongs suffered that may be harbored between them. I pray that this profound demonstration of God's Love will Heal friendships, relationships, marriages and families in the process!

I know that for some, asking them to forgive another may truly be difficult. I merely ask them to consider what Christ went through for us and know that his words are strong enough to lift the burden of any hurtful situation you can imagine. Forgiveness can forge new pathways that I pray will lead to a gentler more loving world.

I implore anyone with the patience to read this to pray about anything that might be troubling them. Consider this a knock at the door...Christ is extending his hand...will you answer it? In Jesus' Precious name I pray! Amen!!! May the Glory be to God!!!

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