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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

How The Computer Is Helping All of Us

We talk to our friends, and our family, and share pictures and stories, we help people who are grieving, and they help us as well. Strangers even help us and share parts of their lives with us.

We get up to date information that tends to share the truth not fabrications. We have instant access to information, like how to prepare freezing beets or some such thing.

It is our world at our fingertips. Let your fingers do the walking takes on a whole new meaning.

What truly inspires me are the people I have met. I do not see these people, but I constantly feel their emotions, their likes and dislikes. I am getting to know them in the physical world but I am tapping into the real person, the spirit side. When we pass over, we can only take our personalities. Everything physical stays here. So the spiritual side is all we will truly see and feel on the other side.

Each comment made on Facebook for example, is from the heart. Even if it is a comment like I love this thought, I like this. We are learning bits and pieces of people from the inside out. We are not judging them by what they wear or what they look like, but by WHO they truly are as a soul. Now that is a tremendous leap in sharing true unconditional love.

If someone is hurting, we can feel it. If someone shares a recipe we can taste it and know their tastes.

When beautiful photographs are shared, or loving animal videos, kids at play, stories of our heroes in action, we can feel the emotion and love.

The positive view is always the most loving view. Please let us continue to all share our true soul-self on the computer, and spread love like the sun spreads sunshine.

Judith. Aka Featherwind

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