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By Light of Winter Moon

By Mona Wanlass

    By light of winter moon it came
      rippling through the boundary
        between nightmare and reality.
          Penetrating the sleeping sanctity of night
            like cold steel into soft flesh.

    Melting through the locked doors

      and decorator-painted walls of upscale suburbia
        until the hunt was consummate.
          Subdued with whispered pretense,
            lured into the basement of home

    Where it left her;

      green eyes glassy in death
        lifeless reflections of a murderer unknown;
          On to chronicle the murder stage
            Writing paragraphs of kidnapping

    Lies to stupefy and shift blame

      Errors corrected and names named
        Task completed with dawn soon to come
          Exits through the portal of secrecy
            into the changing hues of mourning.

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