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Well ... 8:10am

By Jennifer Terwilliger

Well ... 8:10am.
The Doctors are
Wheeling me back
Into the surgery room.
I've done this before ...
So I'm not as nervous.
Epidural? YES!
You don't even have to ask!
Legs numb, feet numb ...
My Belly numb to the touch.
Those familiar machines
Beeping and buzzing every second.
I can feel pressure but ...
Not really feel them
Cutting my tummy open ... Rubbing ....
Sucking blood up with that hose vacuum.
Pulling apart muscle, fat, muscle ...
Before you know it ...
This faint ...
Tiny little cry ...
Wouldn't even hurt a fly kind of cry.
It's a BOY! ...
He brings him over ...
And I cradle him,
And he's already quiet
And content in my arms ...
This lil' boy ... Head full of hair ...
Hairy back and arms 'n' legs ...
awwwww lol ... He's my lil' monkey,
So quiet and peaceful ...
Trojans Terwilliger.

©November 15, 2014 Jennifer Terwilliger

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