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Punxsutawney Phil

By Mona Wanlass

A plaintive ode to Punxsutawney Phil
rodent prognosticator - under hill.
His annual duty from sleep to meadow
Is to 'Close his eyes' or 'See his shadow'.
His one day course of media frenzy
Leaves me jealous (Punxsutawney envy?)

If I were to work but one day a year
supreme chaos would reign, that much is clear.
Who else would do laundry, sweep and scour
working full time, not paid by the hour.
This rodents' life is appealing for sure
while household drudgery I must endure.

Toward the little rat, Punxsutawney Phil
this housewife harbors no extreme ill-will.
But I, for one, would dare dream of the task
To sleep undisturbed till the limelightís bask.
Work one day a year with one choice to make?
I'd live at Gobblerís Knob for heavenís sake!

©1998 Mona Wanlass  

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