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The Vulture

By JohnR Bradshaw

To walk hand in hand with death,
A constant battle within your soul.
Paranoia with every breath,
As you play another role.

Your destiny has been chosen,
Do not stray from the path.
The path that others offer
Could be a mind trap.

Mourn not of weakness
As others would have you do,
Yet bask in your wisdom
Over paths your heart has refused.

Chorus: The vulture needs a victim,
Seeks the wounded and the dead,
Do not feed the vulture
For the vulture is in your head.

The Vulture

Refuse to bend your heart
For your heart will save your soul.
Listen to your heart
For your heart will surely know.

The Vulture…Vulture…Vulture

©2016 Lyrics by John Bradshaw

Pic Below: John Bradshaw with guitar, 2011

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