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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Memories of Dad

January 12 ∑

      Watching the last embers of a fire continue their fight to extinctionÖ, Watching a precious beautifully colored leaf taking itís final ride to become part of the universe. Wiping a tear from my eye as we did our dadís last tear, as he ascended to become part of the universe..

      I was privileged to be with my Dad for 69 years. On my 69th bd, dad passed ten days later. I was with him in hospice his last month on this earth. I didnít know what to expect, and he didnít know what to expect, but we decided to do it together.

      Dad would smile and then say, ďitís my turn next and I donít know what is going to happen but I want to experience every part of it.Ē

       Dad was always up to trying new things. I guess I earned that trait from him as I am always up for a new experience. The ďbucket listĒ. I do believe everyone has a bucket list, and I do believe everyone wonít get to do everything that is on that list, but everyone will have a good time trying.

      Dad played pool in his later years. I do mean later years as he was in his 80ís when he retired fully from his job. Then it was his turn to play. To go on vacation and not worry about everyone. To spend money he finally had to spend on HIMSELF., and his companion. Dad had a beautiful woman friend and companion and they did everything together.

      Their spark together was always creating more sparks daily. Their laughter spiraled up and around everywhere they went. People would smile watching them, secretly admiring that unconditional love. They had no responsibility for anyone else but themselves, it was a free , fun, enjoyable time for them . Kids were grown, no pets, the world was theirs just for the doing. They both had their physical embers burned out within 6 months of each other., Now their spirits soar the universe .

      I sense them in a meal we shared, in a tear I shed, in a smile that comes into my heart and swells to my lips. They fly on the wings of birds, and sing their tunes, they rush thru the trees with the winds, they stand behind all their loved ones still here on earth, cheering them on. Their spiritual embers roar with a magnificent light that glows to unimaginable heights, and will never be distinguished. The zenith of happiness fills my soul once again.
Judith 1/12/2017 from "Writings of Judith."

My Bucket List

Barefeet in the grass, warmth of the sun
Cool waters from the stream, listen to the trees blowin' in the wind.
Children laughing, fur babies snugglin'
Smiles to strangers, sunrise and sunsets
Walk in the forest feeling the energy in the trees
Taste different foods, plant a garden
Share my smiles and hugs
Rejoice at life
Stop judging and love all peoples
Love my self.
Free my soul to BE.

© 01/19/2017 Judith Kroll

From "Writings of Judith" June 18, 2017

      Today is father's day. I went to bed and laying there thinking I remembered something I needed to do in the AM. So I grabbed by dad's wallet that I keep on the bed shelf, and layed it on the stand next to my bed. That helps me remember. I had a dream later to Check out the wallet for money. When I first got the wallet I went thru every nook and cranny just because. It was empty, but it made me feel good to touch it and look at it. After the shower I remembered what I had to do, so I put the wallet back in its place..Then I heard, check the wallet. Ok, so I checked it..There was a quarter in it.. Now I KNOW there was nothing in it.. I said if it is 2015 (the year my dad passed), I know it is a gift from him. The date..Yep you guessed it...2015. What a great father's day gift from my POP. Wow I am on cloud TEN. Judith

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