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Reflections on the Day

By Dayvid Clarkson

July 3 at 9:57pm ∑

      The wonder of synchronicity is when those forces pull the pieces of the puzzle together to fit for one moment in time. I savour those times. It is as if everything comes into alignment and we perceive a world that is so different. Colours seem brighter, silence seems quieter, and my very soul vibrates with astonishment.

      If we would simply pause, every now and then, we will find them. As you go to your nightly rest hold dear to your heart we are all just finding our way home. Be grateful for your day, let everything unresolved melt away, and look to the Divine that holds arms wide open and bids you enter.
Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.
Humble bow, Dayvid.

July 6 at 10:20pm ∑

      It is the time of the evening for me when the entire universe seems to rest. As I reflect upon the day I have watched Folks get together, Folks fall apart, and singular Folks feeling incomplete. I have seen Friendships flounder because they were of the opposite sex. We have so much to unlearn as to what Love really is. There is no physicality within Love. There is no attachment within Love. No one can love you. No one can generate love for you. You cannot command anotherís full attention nor can you be possessed by another. We are unique individual beings. There are no rules for how and why we should Love.

      We chase the movie story concept of Love and we seem to miss the quiet understanding that first, we must love ourselves. I will never leave you, I would die for you, I would cross the hottest deserts and the deepest seas for you. Bullshit; that is what you were taught and what you see and read. Love does not tear you apart nor does it require ultimate sacrifice; that is a romance novel.

      First, love yourself then open your heart to all around you. You will find your love and your friendships start moving towards you and provide the nourishment your soul requires. Regardless of what society portrays, your authentic self knows how to Love, quietly let the bindings drop and allow yourself to Love.
Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.
Humble bow, Dayvid

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