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By Jim Echols

Spring is a maiden, bright and gay
On dancing feet she comes our way
From winter' s grasp to set us free
To rouse us from our lethargy.

She gets things moving once again
Gives this old earth a steady spin
Picks up her bugle, sounds the call
Of reveille, for one and all.

Spring calls forth flowers, turns grass green
Erasing winter's dreary scene
Stirs flocks of ducks and geese to flight
Then guides them northward, day and night.

She recalls robins, puts buzz in bees
Carresses bushes, shrubs and trees
To every naked, sleeping bough
Spring whispers, "Wake up, get dressed now."

Attentive to our every need
She warms the soil to nourish seed
Stands by to help, as all around
Young sprouts come struggling thru the ground.

Spring keeps all outdoor life from harm
In town, field, forest and on farm
Helps nature' s creatures plan their year,
Give birth, start life while she is here.

Young bugler who restarts the earth
Wise mid-wife easing pain of birth
A happy, lively, vibrant thing
Most long awaited season - Spring.

Author sometimes signed his work as James F. Echols. Reprinted from a 1996 AMEA Publications issue of Hobbie$, Etc.  

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