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Golden Anniversary

By Jim Echols

(July 24, 1990 by Jim Echols for Bob & Hazel Shoemaker)

You were a lively high school girl
a cute and charming miss
When I asked you for our first date
which led to our first kiss.
We both were young with much to learn
but even then I knew
Of all the girls in all the world
the one for me was you.
The tender bud of our young love
soon came into full bloom,
So fifty years ago today
we joined as bride and groom.
Through all past years fast fleeting
filled with joy and sorrow life brings
Our vows remain unbroken still
each to the other clings.
A 1ight embrace or touch of hands
such simple things convey
The caring and devotion
that we share each passing day
Youth's once bright flame of passion
has now waned to softer glow
But from my heart love's wellspring bounds
with stronger deeper flow.
You know my faults and weaknesses
my every wish and need,
Forgive me when I make mistakes
perform some foolish deed.
You fill my heart with deep content
are always by my side
Dear golden anniversary mate--
my wife, my love, my bride.

Reprint from a 1996 AMEA Publications issue of Hobbie$,Etc.

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