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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Unconditional Love

   Have you ever felt a strong desire to change the world!
      Lasting change—
   to change the planet comes from within each of us.

–non judgmental,
perfect love!

Every person deserves love.
Love conquers all.
Love haults the negatives.
We HAVE love,
But.Can we
BE love?

Perfection comes from BEING love.

Choose wisely.
Let our love unite ALL.
Allow our lovelight
to shine thru
the fog of despair,
so all can brightly
BE a humanity..
of ONE.

©July 21, 2018 Judith Kroll

Always The One Blamed

I was always the one they blamed.
They pointed their fingers and felt no shame.
I couldn't figure what I did wrong
I was a broken record at the end of the song.

No one listened to my hurt and cries
I retreated within—behind my eyes
I saw the world from a different view
A place that was private—only I knew.

Now I could laugh and dance in my head
The mask I was wearing , I could joyfully shed.
My eyes were brighter, my heart was lighter
I could stay untouched and never be a bother.

There I was the real me
feeling the freedom no one could see

It didn't matter to me anymore
to think of what everyone thought
I just broke their mold of little ole me
And won the fight I fought.!!

©4-7-16 Judith Kroll

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