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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Is God one Entity?

Visualize if you will, Every person, and every animal being a spirit..That would mean, visualize every thing as invisible. Can you capture an invisible man? People fear Ghosts. That is because they cannot see them. Ghosts are nothing more than people who died and passed on to spirit.

Many people have seen spirits because they manifest into a form so we can. They lower their energies to be seen as physical. I have seen many a spirit. Nothing ever scary, just a beautiful experience. One little girl came into my bedroom as I was waking up. I saw her and said, how did u get in here? She was about 4, carrying a stuffed toy. She said, I want to see my brother. My husband was asleep at the time, I am not sure if she meant him or not. I sat up, and noticed she was floating..NOT standing on the floor. I knew then she was a spirit. I got all excited, lost my focus, and she was gone from my site. She might have still stood there, but I lost focus.

Everything is energy. Everyone is energy. Animals as well. One of our cats passed on, and one day, I was looking at a blanket where she slept and I saw a blue light. I quickly ran and took a picture of the blue light. Nothing was shining blue in the room. Digital camera was used, so I immediately popped up the picture, and I made it bigger. There was our orangeish striped cat. Miracles. Joyful to know she he lives, and visits.

So visualize everything invisible. That would make everything part of a whole. Are we not all energy? God is energy..I am energy. My dog is energy. We are all part of the whole. We are all ONE. All connected. God and us. God and animals.

I read a book on ancient energy. You cannot destroy energy. When our body dies, it goes back to dust. It becomes part of a tree or something if we scatter the ashes. Nothing is gone, it just changes form. If I burn a piece of paper, I have ashes. Energy lives forever. When our soul leaves the body, it is invisible. We are still we. Just invisible. We are all part of the whole then. Part of The invisible energy we call God.

We label things because we are human..physical..and need visuals. If I take a drop of water and put it in the ocean, that drop becomes part of the whole ocean. We are a drop in the universes. If we could see all the spirits on the earth we might be afraid to breath them in LOL. Heaven? We like to think of it as a separate place, as we are human. It just is. Our pets that turned invisible can be in a rainbow heaven, and/or they could be with us all the time. Invisible cannot be killed, or destroyed. Let that thought comfort you.

I can say more, but that is enough for now.

Judith 11/20/18 Writings of Judith

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