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The Delayed Honeymoon Trip

By Carrie E. Joslin

A couple are boarding the bus tonight,
     They are not so young--but their hearts are light.
Their steps are short and a trifle slow
     For they were married long, long ago.
They thought when they were married that very soon
     They would go away on their honeymoon.
So, they have lived and worked in a simple way,
     Always looking forward to this glad day.
When they would pack up and travel away
     Somewhere to celebrate their wedding day.
But, the work piled up and the babies came--
     There was more to do than just give them a name.
They reared a family--two girls and two boys,
     Who have brought them happiness, pride and joys.
They have served the Lord in their humble way,
     But, always have thought of and planned for this day.
The years have passed--they are growing old,
     They have little of silver and little of gold.
The children to womanhood and manhood have grown
     They are the sort that parents are proud to own.
Now, the dream they dreamed in the years long past
     Is surely coming true at last.
They are proud and happy--there are smiles on their faces,
     As they climb on the bus and take their places.
And just to hear them talk you never would know,
     That they were married so long ago.
     (32 years to be exact.) ©March 20th 1946 Carrie E. Joslin

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