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By Thomas F. O'Neill

      I returned to China for the Christmas and New Year’s celebration. I attached some photos and videos to share with you because here in China this time of year is an awesome season. The cities are all lit up with Christmas lights and they are so beautifully displayed that it brings out the Christmas spirit in me.

      The Chinese also enjoy celebrating this special season with the lighting of bonfires. Here at the Suzhou International Foreign Language School in Suzhou, China the students sing songs and dance around the large glowing fires.

      They also set off large firework displays in the night sky. It is an ancient tradition to celebrate the winter solstice and it goes back thousands of years. Now in modern times they celebrate the winter solstice on Christmas Day. It's one of their ways of coming together as an entire community to celebrate their abundance and to be thankful for having one another in their lives.

      That is just one of the reasons I find this season so special here.

Thomas F O'Neill's Christmas in Suzhou, China

www.utube link to Suzhou Christmas

Thomas F O'Neill celebrating Christmas at the Suzhou International Foreign Language School in Suzhou, China.

www.utube link to Christmas at the Suzhou International Foreign Language School

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