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Billy Van Autobiography

By SusanD Dimitrakopoulos

      Billy Van was one of Canada's original true Canadian gems in the world of sketch comedy. He was born and raised in Toronto and as many of you know, he lived in Scarborough for many years on the Bluffs.

      Billy is best remembered for his many roles on Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Party Game, Sonny & Cher and was the Colt 45 guy for 11 years and so much more! He worked with all the greats (and not-so-greats!) and wrote about his 40 yr. show business career in his book, Second Banana. It was a labour of love and wonderful trip down memory lane, a lifetime of Billy's multi-faceted show business career. He passed away in 2003, but his great spirit and memory lives on in his writing.

      To honour his memory, Second Banana is now online, free of charge, for people to enjoy and get an insight into one of Canada's most talented and beloved actors and one of the pioneers in Canadian TV sketch comedy. If you enjoy the book, perhaps you would consider making a small donation, in memory of Billy Van. Here are a few suggestions that I know Billy would have been happy to support - The War Amps, Sick Kids, Sunnybrook Foundation and Toronto Wildlife Centre. The links are on the home page of his book.

      This is Billy's original manuscript.

      Please note, no party or individual has been given permission or is authorized to use any part of its contents. This blog is not associated with any other individual or group.

      Here is the link to Billy's wonderful book, Second Banana and Facebook page:

susan dimitrakopoulos

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