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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

I read something today at, that said, “ our eyes actually show us what we believe, not what we see, and fortunately, It is easier to change what you believe than what you see”.

After reading that I had to ponder over it so that I could make it personal, and therefore understand it better. I love trees so I stared at a tree and I saw buds on that amazing Willow tree in our yard. I believe that the buds are real, I believe that the tree is real, so I am seeing what I believe. I see many birds flying in and out of the tree, and I believe that.

Several years ago I was meditating and I saw a tree. It looked like a tree that was in my yard at the time, and I smiled. Slowly I was being drawn to the tree, and I remember trying to stop myself as I didn't want to hit the tree. I was being drawn to the tall oak, and then I was taken right inside the tree. When I got in there my eyes were bright with excitement because I saw an Indian in there. An older one, whom later from my research looked like Chief Joseph.

Did I see what I believed? I felt I was being drawn to this experience, in my meditation. My soul is full of many stories I had via meditating. I truly made them personal as each one taught me lessons. Sometimes I wouldn't understand it right away, but later when the time was right, they made perfect sense to me. Did I have to see that experience in order to believe? No, I do believe all things are possible, but seeing an Indian inside the tree is not something I probably would have imagined on my own .

My daddy asked me if after he passes I would be able to see him. I said yes. I have seen him in my mind's eye, dreams etc, and I know he understands that now. However, I would love to see him in a chair next to me, and chat. Perhaps I didn't really believe I could do that, but now is the time to work on that. I know others who have. I had seen a little girl and talked to her years ago, a girl who was a spirit but looked so real. She was standing in front of my bed. My first clue she was a spirit was her feet didn't touch the floor!!

In the movie 6th Sense, the comment was made, we only see what we want to see. Bruce Willis at the time didn't believe he was a spirit., thus he only saw what he wanted to see. If we branch out with our thinking, and beliefs, we might be amazed what we can “SEE”. No one holds us back but ourselves. We have to believe it..before we see it!!

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