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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

We All Have Free Will

The fish in the sea have free will, but we abuse their freedom by filling the oceans with plastic and other garbage.

We kill them and their right to live.

Women have free will with their own bodies - Let them face their maker with their choices...

I do NOT want to face my Maker because I took women's choices away.

If our maker sees fit to give us free will, I have NO right to squash that right from you!! from Anyone, any Animal etc.

A person is gay or straight.. So what!

I personally love ALL people and all Races.

Why do people care so much?

Our maker create only whites?

We must learn to use unconditional love in every situation..

It takes enough energy for me to become fully filled with unconditional love in ALL circumstances.

"Unconditional love moves forward not backward."

The Old Bench

The place to dream, to become who we want to be, to snuggle with kids and pets, to hold hands and share stories with friends, and older souls.

The magic bench that takes us around the world.

The place to read our books either silently or out loud, sharing the words with the trees and birds and the whole universe.

We all have our benches, our private spots, decorated with love.

A place to shake up memories and softly smile as we hit the playback button of our hearts and souls.

Shall I name the bench?

No, let it be honored for what it is and where it sits proudly.

The bench is there to serve us all.

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