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Armchair Genealogy

By Melinda Cohenour

This month's "column" is dedicated to the fine heroes of the Bethany Oklahoma Fire Department. They were dispatched to my home this past week after my misfortune. Cheerfully, caringly they provided me with their help after my fall. They managed to diminish my huge embarrassment by their kind and reassuring attention. Thank you, so very much!

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me!

Poor, poor pitiful me!
I fell, you see
Upon my knees!
Oh, woe is me,
Poor pitiful me.

It was the cat
That mashed me flat.
She dashed - and SPLAT!
I fell down flat.

I yelled her name
As SWOOSH she came,
Striking my cane
And down I came.

Upon my face
In full disgrace,
Here in my place
No sign of grace.

On head I slid,
And struck my lid
Against the door
As WHOOSH, I slid.

No help for me
As both my knees
Throbbed with such pain
As down they came
Upon my cane,
My BLASTED cane!

Call 911!
For help to come.
Not EMTs
But Bethany FD.

A lift assist
They term their work.
As five deploy
To my endless joy!

One each for feet,
One behind my seat
And round my waist
An orange belt they thread.

Quick as a wink
No time to blink
Upon my feet!
Up from my seat!

Now cane in hand
It's time to stand,
On wobbly feet I land,
I'm Up, My man.

No bones did break.
No blood did leak.
Upon my feet,
No ER to make.

Now in my bed
I lay my head.
TV? Too far down steps to tread
My choice, instead?
Three books I've read.

Armchair Genealogy?
Not this month, poor pitiful me.

©June 30, 2019 Melinda Cohenour

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