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On Trek

By Judith Kroll

Changing of The Guardians

The trees let go,
they drop their leaves,
their watch is thru for now

Their leaves and shade, and breeze they shared was love from their core
their new assignment begins and they will beautify us more.

They wear their cloak of colors, as they proudly stand tall. The leaves will dazzle us with their downward spin,
as they know it is time to let go with the wind.

The wind works so gently so their descent is not abrupt, an acrobatic show like a parachutist's dream.
The soft landing is gentle like the stream.

The cloak of leaves will meld with our magical earth,
giving us another year of magical rebirth.

The snow is yet another cloak, covered with white sharing its
sparkles and gems, protecting the critters to burrow to warmth, oh mother nature knows best.

Trees are nature's parents, many sizes, colors and shapes. They protect and love and watch over all earth,
showering us with gifts every day of the year. May we awaken to their worth,

Let us be fair,
Trees give us our clean air!!

9/29/19 Judith Kroll

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