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In The Land Of A Million Smiles

By Carrie E. Joslin

In the Ozarks we live and are happy
     We thank God for blessings and trials;
With good deeds we banish our sorrows
     In the land of a million smiles.

In the Ozarks gay banners are waving
     Unfurled to the pure autumn breeze;
Their colors are red, green and golden
     All painted on beautiful trees.

The trees are God-made and sturdy
     The artist who gave them their hue;
I know He will watch over our Ozarks,
     In this land of the red, white and blue.

In the Ozarks wild flowers are blooming.
     You may gather bouquets--they are free;
And rivers of clear running water
     Are calling to you and to me.

Apples so luscious and mellow
     Are ready to fall to the ground;
And hidden within the brown corn shocks
     Ripe pumpkins are sure to be found.

1940 Carrie E. Joslin

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