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By Judith Kroll

A Christmas Story

I was raised a Jehovah's witness, and they don't believe in celebrating much of anything, christmas being one of those holidays. My parents eventually left the jw's, and eventually I did.

My husband and I, and our three children went to see my mom and dad, and it was christmas time. Mom decided she wanted some christmas lights in this little tree outdoors in the front yard by the road. We all put up the lights and daddy went into the house to plug it in, and mom and I were outside ready to plug it in on the outside. Dad said ok.

Mom and I smiled at each other, This is kinda epic because of our religious background. It was dark out, and we pictured the lights being so beautiful. We held our breath, and plugged in the tree to the electric.

All the lights went out down the street, in the lights on the tree. Now with our religious background we didn't know what to think. So we just laughed and laughed, and dad laughed.

Soon all the lights came back out. We didn't cause the blackout,, but it gave us a wee bit of shock at the timing of all things. No, we didn't go back to our old religion.. Life is so unpredictable, but it has its memorable moments.


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