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On Trek

By Judith Kroll


Where is our joy today? Joy comes from within, our attitude. If we see the antics of a kitten, we smile, we find joy. If we wake up to a cup of coffee, we find joy. We FIND? Joy? Joy is always there, the joy finds us, because we are open to it. We allow it in.

If we are in a crabby mood, all the kitten’s and their antics won’t matter one bit. We will miss all the joy.

I feel joy in my heart, I feel joy in my soul, I feel joy in the first color of spring to pop thru the soil. The first bud on the trees, the first spotting of the Robin. We make our own happiness, and joy by accepting all the joy the world gives us. The sunrises and sunsets. The snow that sparkles in the sun and brings cleanliness to our mother earth.

Who can not find joy in the newborns, man and animals? The joy that comes from accomplishment no matter how trivial, like mastering the instant pot? :) I see your smiles. Love like sun that never quits giving. Love like the waterfall that never ceases. Love like the stars that are forever there on a clear night sky, mesmerizing us constantly.

Open our arms, hearts and souls to always let in the joy that never sleeps.
Judith 2/29/20

The Power

If we speak like
we are already doomed,
or soon will be doomed,
or just plain doomed...
then we will be.

The will of the people is
where the power lies.
There is no fear from God.
Never Never Never...
only man,..

if we show fear,
they keep making us fearful.
Override the fear,
and think, talk, type, text, and doodle
"We the people have the power
and we shall prevail."
Act like it already has happened..
And you will see changes..

Love never fears.
Love throws fear out,
throws it out,
stomps it out,
chews it up and
spits it out!

©Feb 01,2020 Judith Kroll

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