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On Trek

By Judith Kroll


When Earth was created, did it have boundary lines? Do you believe the creator created different "colors" of people for division or diversity? All are equal. ALL ..that includes women. :) Let us focus on bringing us all together, not separating us. Love is the key to all!!

When we stay in the mindset of fear, anxiety,hate, discord, we cannot think straight. If we continue to send love to the whole planet and everyone and everything on it and it, and we stop listening to the dysfunctional information coming from every direction, and picking sides, judging who is right or wrong., we have a chance to stabilize ourselves, and it will ripple thru the earth. A crying baby can only be quieted with love, soothing talk, music, clean diaper and food. When the pot is always being stirred by those in power, the confusion and hate and anxiety will never end. We all have love , we all have hate if we choose. Let us choose love, no more divisions, hate. All of us come from the same energy. !

Memories from the Past

I remembered today a tradition that we took for granted as kids, but it left an imprint on my soul.

When we took a little trip, momma always packed a lunch. It didn’t matter if it was cold cuts and bread, something to drink, and some chips, the idea was we all knew it was there. We were not going to starve. It was the way back then, in the 50’s. There were rest stops, and there were places with trees and picnic tables only. Families would stop, eat, watch the squirrels, listen to the birds and us kids when finished would run around to get that pent up sitting in the car energy out.

Sometimes a grandma would come along. Mom’s mom or Dad’s mom. It was always fun. No one threw trash around, everyone cleaned up their “site” they used, and most folks prayed before the meal.

If a creek was running thru the picnic area, we were truly in heaven then. Sometimes we brought a ball, and could throw that around. The memory sticks in my mind because it was those dreamy sunny days where as a family we shared it, and restaurants didn’t decorate every corner. No fast food places, Just sit down fancy restaurants for evening dining.

When I married and we had children, we always carried the cooler along. Then McDonald’s came on the scene and of course the kiddos loved that treat. Every generation will always have a memory that slowly morphs into something different..We will carry it within forever because it was stamped there with love.

Judith 5/25/20

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