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On Trek

By Judith Kroll


The snowflakes said, we are all so different,
yet we are all alike.
We will bring beauty to the earth.

The trees smiled and looked at each other and with amazement,
yes they chimed in we are all so unique
yet we are the same.

Echoes and nods came from the birds,
animals, fish, flowers, stars, and the angels
Yes, we truly are

all different individually,
yet the same collectively.
We all share our love in various ways.

Then....the quietness was deafening.
Everything slowly began to look at Mankind.
Thinking together they reasoned...

Mankind are all different too,
yet the same. They can think and reason.
Why are we all so fearful of them?

They are beautiful yet they haven't learned
to work together yet to bring love
to our planet that we all adore.

They act so separate. An agreement was formed that all the earth
will continue to share their love with every person on the planet,
hoping that mankind will someday join in being ONE.

May 2021 Judith Kroll

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