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The Elderly Gent

By Judith Kroll

Chapter One

And the elderly gent closed his eyes, gave a big sigh, and left his body. While the family cried and spoke in whispers about the life he led, the old gent was standing there looking at his bent, frail body.

He watched and listened to all in the room, and saw that he was no longer that person in the bed. He felt so young, no aches and pains. He smiled with no lips. There was a mirror in the room so he peeked into it, and he saw nothing but a soft glow that reflected back at him. He went to scratch his head, but there was no head, no hand. He could see all around the room at once. No limits on his vision.

He felt a breeze, and looked toward the breeze and his older brother Andrew was there. Just a soft glow of light yet he KNEW it was his brother. He heard the words, ďHey Eric, I am right here. Welcome to the world of love and light!!Ē at least I thought I did! I looked again toward the bed, and they were moving my body onto the gurney. The body that served me well for 82 years. I wasnít physical anymore. So many memories in that body, it doesnít seem to matter anymore. I donít feel old, I donít feel young, I just feel like I belong. I feel part of everything. The past doesnít bother me, and I donít care about the future, I just AM. What an amazing feeling. This is who I truly am, I am so content.

Fear-free, pain-free. NO worries, no hates, just love. I love enough to change the world on the earth. Whoa, I wonder if that is why I chose to make a journey on the earth? Andrew smiled. Wow, there are no walls in here, I see my Edna in the parking lot. All the earthly boundaries are gone!! The illusion is the EARTH!! When we pass over we are immediate spirits, and we are ageless and have no gender. There are no babies here either. We all return to spirit where we originated. Ageless. I AM. I wanted to cry tears of joy but I canít! I feel joy in everything. It encompasses my whole spirit. I donít even worry about Edna as I know she will be fine. I can still be near her. I can still send her love, I will on a sign to send her. I remember how Edna and I worked together, and with others from our soul family making our earthly trek.

That is where I want to go next Andrew, to my soul.

To be continued. ©2021 Judith Kroll 6/2/21

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