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By Dayvid Clarkson

I have the most wonderful Sisters. I have been going through a bit of a rough patch health-wise. Haven’t had much motivation or energy to get some of the tasks done. Several days back I purchased some plants and vines to replant my deck. My deck is my Sanctuary. They were not getting planted. Pots to be cleaned out, soil refilled, and new plants.

Well, Margo and Denise arrived at my place on Sunday. Denise took to the deck jobs and Margo very efficiently went through the trailer dusting, doing dishes, sweeping up, etc. Margo and I have been close since our youngest years. She has stood by me through thick and thin.

My deck is my Sanctuary, my healing place. To have it refurbished means a great deal to me. If you will, ‘It is my G Spot.’ Well not anymore, it is now my ‘D Spot’. Denise did a great job. Thank you.

Now having said that, I do have some doubts. The plants were rehomed three days ago and nada. No blooms yet, no growth. Let’s blame it on the plants for now.

At the end of the day, I don’t think we truly comprehend the results of our kindness. Or the intensity that such kindness showers on the recipient. I say, ‘Thank You’, but what I mean to say is, ‘I Love You’.

And above all else respect and honour those that surrender their kindness to you.
Love you both.

As I prepare to rejoin my dreamland quests I reflect on the unimaginable origins of what I perceive. We see ourselves as advanced yet in the future, we will be hundreds of years old. I wonder if early life looked upon the stars with a heart yearning to understand the secrets. They had similar emotions and were deep thinkers. All one has to do is reference the great Greek Philosophers. We are not so different in our quests. I will continue to live the questions eventually living into the answers. Simply remembering as I retire.

In the evetime, I enjoy listening to the night sounds. The last of the bird calls, the mooing of the cow across the lake, and the start of the frog chorus create the nocturnal music I hear. This is the opus from the one great composer. Mother Earth grounds me as I make ready to retire. Father Sky dims the light so that we may rest easy. Go well into the night. Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.

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