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Reflections of The Day

By Dayvid Clarkson

September 1 at 10:25 PM
Grand Mother Moon is only showing a small part of her slip this evening as the night closes in. It appears that some think the night is dark and sinister, something to approach with trepidation. For me, the nighttime is a gift from the Creator. It is a time when I faithfully turn everything over to my Guardians trusting that I will return in the morning. The trials and tribulations of the day are put aside. Future fears and phobias are shelved at the close of this day. It is time to frolic with the Faeries, wander with the Wee Folk, and listen to the Elves elucidate on the grand mysteries. It is a time of peace and serenity when my heart can refill and my soul can restore. A grand sabbatical from this mortal realm while enjoying the tranquility of my dream time. I imagine I am reclining on a soft mossy hill under the warmth of the stars while a brook babbles gently past my feet. The aroma of evergreens and the dampness of Mother Earth lulls me with a soothing breath. I might not remember my dreams but I will remember the time I paused before I entered the night and gave thanks for all that is.
Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.

September 2 at 10:55 PM
The shy night sky is behind the clouds this eve. The radiance of the moon shines through. Any day is a day well spent when we release our expectations and refrain from attempting to control the outcomes. Some stressfully try to live up to the expectations of others, yet these supposed expectations are self-defined. Some face the evening as if they have somehow failed, didnít do enough, didnít do as well, and simply didnít measure up. Who taught you these standards? What is doing nothing? I humbly ask that you quit trying to Ďmeasure upí. Just be, knowing in your heart of hearts you are a good person. Thatís it, just breathe.
Sleep well, dream deep my friends.

September 5 at 11:25 PM
Some days are simply emotionally draining. We seem to be knocked off course. There is no number of platitudes, affirmations, or reasons that seem to fill the void. As we delve deeper and start living our authentic lives there are times when we feel disconnected from that gentle and sure guidance. Numerous events and situations can cause us to disengage. I let these feelings wash over me and observed the doubt. I knew then that it was my Monkey Mind swirling and twisting. As the evening approaches, I will release these feelings and return to the source. I ask my Elders to wash me clean during the dream time. Allow me to see this all as an illusion. Assist me in restoring my balance and allow me to see my authentic path. Free my soul from the clay world and guide me along the star path. I am grateful for all of the lessons.
Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.

September 6 at 10:43 PM
What I wish is that you find what works for you. It does not have to be what works for others or what you think society expects from you. For some it is a religious path, for some, it could be Buddhism or Taoism, and some might choose to be an Atheist. Other Folks might choose activism. It might be environmentalism, social activism, animal rights, or global warming. Still, more willfully involve themselves in the arts, music, painting, sculpting, or photography. And others might passionately pursue the sciences. For me, it doesnít matter as long as you find what works for you. Most importantly I wish you realize what is right for you is not necessarily right for others. To also understand that you are not required to coerce, nor force your path on me. I will respect the choices you make and will, in all probability, support and agree with most of your concepts. Because we have differences does not make us different. At the very essence of our being is the mystical understanding that nothing matters and everything does. There is no issue that is more important than compassionate empathy towards our fellow travelers. We cannot be offended; we choose to be offended. Cast off everything you have been taught. Accept all paths and respect the fact that we are all just trying to figure out this incredible journey. We need each other. When we ask ourselves what is truly important we will discover that we will share our last meal if required, we will shelter all from the storms, we will provide care as needed, and give that shirt if you ask.
This is your authentic self simply trying to live your heart song.

September 7 at 11:06 PM
When I was a young one I enjoyed whittling. I received my first pocket knife at a very young age. It wasnít fancy or top of the line as it only had two blades, a long and a short. It also came with a small sharpening stone. With practice, I could get a wicked edge on the blade and it would stay sharp for a good length of time. I would grab an old small branch, find a quiet place and proceed to ĎWhittliní. I wasnít carving I was whittling. You see whittling is just working on the branch till you reach the heartwood not trying to shape anything just spending some time listening to the knife create the shavings. I seem to do that now, at day's end. I cut away unnecessary parts of the day and create shavings that dance off with the wind. I pare down the day till I reach the heartwood and savour the lessons that were presented. It is better to reflect on the lessons without the surreptitious adornments that society has taught me. I am then able to better understand the lessons of the heartwood. Take the time to reflect on your day, remove what you didnít like, and keep the rest.
Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.

September 10 at 11:09 PM
On this day I celebrate myself. Taking a few steps back and donning the robes of the Observer I loving view this humble soul. The challenges, the travails, and the questions this one has faced, with varying degrees of success, all across the stage like unknown actors in a grand play of mystery and intrigue. The journey at times seems ambiguous, with an infinite number of possibilities on the eventual outcome. Yet this mortal being, with a deep comprehension of compassion and kindness has found self here in this precise moment. Still not fully found and approaching each day with slight trepidation, and anxiety of missteps, this one still embodies a remarkable faith that this is the path home. As I remove the robes I understand this peaceful warrior is someone I love. Above all else, our empathy must start with ourselves.
Give yourself a hug and be the best friend you can be today.

September 11 at 11:26 PM
A windy night and I watch the evergreens dance with the wind. Appreciative applause from the trees as their boughs sways with the gusts. The lake seems to giggle as Brother Wind sends ripples along its surface and the clouds enjoy a free ride. Grand Father Sun peaks through the sky cover, occasionally, to ensure all is well and add a little warmth to the autumn air. Taking moments to observe the world around us, in a harmonious way, will calm the furrowed brow and ease a tense heart. Look about and tell yourself stories of the stories Mother Earth is teaching you. Better still write them down and share them. Take time to embrace the wonder that is about you if only for a few minutes. Being mindful throughout the day will add many wondrous memories to your collection. We might not be able to live every hour in the zone yet we can practice extending this time to many hours and days. You will then understand how to slowly live into the answer.
Sleep well, Dream deep my Friends.

September 12 at 10:40 PM
Grand Father Sun shone proudly on Mother Earth this day and yet Mother Earth owes nothing to Grand Father Sun for it is their mutual love that lights the day. And in the evening time, Mother Earth releases that warmth to Father Sky during his nighttime watch. And Grand Father Sun so loves Grand Mother Moon that he leaves at the end of the day so that she might rule recognizing her own power. The Family that surrounds us with mutual admiration and respect encourages us to see what is right with this world.
Sleep well, dream deep my Friends.

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Pic is one of Dayvid's taken from his deck in British Columbia and inscribed with one of his Haikus.


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