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Michael L. Craner

Mike is a U.S. Army Veteran, who has worked with mobile satellite, microwave, switching and optical transmission equipment in the telecommunications industry. He enjoys writing, and is currently working on a fantasy/adventure book. He contributes to Pencil Stubs with poetry, articles and his monthly column, "Mike's Place" He is also the site webmaster, co-founder and designer.

Mike is also the father of four beautiful children, who often compete with him for time on the computer. His German/Italian wife keeps him and the children in line and rules the roost, ensuring that her internet junkie eats, sleeps occasionally, and never lets his coffee get cold.

"The Webmaster" circa 1997


Type Month Year Title
Column November 1999 Mikes Place
Poem November 1999 Dreams and Memories
Article December 1999 A Walk In My Boots
Article December 1999 A Walk In My Boots -- More
Column February 2000 Mikes Place
Column April 2000 Mikes Place
Column May 2000 Mikes Place
Article July 2000 Spam Mania
Column July 2000 Mikes Place
Article October 2000 The Staff
Column October 2000 Mike's Place
Column November 2000 Mikes Place
Column February 2001 Mike's Place
Column March 2001 Mikes Place
Column June 2001 Mike's Place
Column July 2001 Mikes Place
Column August 2001 Technically Speaking. . .
Column September 2001 Technically Speaking...
Column October 2001 Mikes Place
Column December 2001 Mikes Place
Column January 2002 Mikes Place
Column February 2002 Mikes Place
Column March 2002 Mikes Place
Column April 2002 Mikes Place
Article May 2002 Perceptions
Column May 2002 Mikes Place
Column June 2002 Words to Ponder
Column July 2002 Words To Ponder
Column September 2002 Mikes Place
Column October 2002 Mikes Place
Column January 2003 Mikes Place
Column February 2003 Mike's Place
Poem February 2003 Amy
Column March 2003 Mike's Place
Column April 2003 Mike's Place
Column May 2003 Mikes Place
Column July 2003 Mikes Place-Happy Birthday America!
Article October 2003 The Battle Within
Column April-May 2004 Mikes Place
Poem April-May 2004 Ball of Twine
Column June 2004 Mike's Place
Column August 2004 Mikes Place
Column September 2004 Mikes Place
Column October 2004 Mikes Place
Article November 2004 Whose Side Are You On?
Column November 2004 Mikes Place
Article February 2005 Have You Been Saved?
Article May 2005 Editorial: When is Murder Legal?
Column July 2005 Mike's Place
Column October 2005 Mike's Place
Column November 2005 Mike's Place
Column January 2006 Mike's Place
Column February 2006 Nine!
Column March 2006 Mike's Place
Article April 2006 A Walk In My Boots -- Part IV
Poem November 2006 Dreams and Memories
Column January 2007 Mike's Place
Column February 2007 Mikes Place
Column April 2007 Mike's Place
Article February 2013 2013 Remembering Leo C. Helmer
Article September 2015 Veterans The Unique Family
Column August 2020 Mike Craner Ramblings
Poem September 2020 Campfire
Column October 2020 Mike Craner Ramblings
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